What Can Astrology Sun Sign Tell Me

astrology sun signs

Sun sign astrology, also known as star sign astrology or just sun sign astrology is a simple, streamlined system of Western astrology that sees only the precise location of the Sun at birth and which is believed to be positioned in one of twelve celestial signs. This celestial sign is then officially designated the astrological sign or zodiac sign of that person born at that specific time. In this method of star and planet astrology there are 12 distinct signs or semi-realms that can be precisely pinpointed through the placement of both the Sun and the stars.

Know About The Division Of All Zodiac Signs

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In the Western astrology, these 12 zodiac signs are further divided into several smaller groups or “asterisks”. The first is the basic astrology sign – the Taurus astrology sign. With this sign, there is a strong tendency towards intellectual and practical brilliance. The second is the Capricorn, with its sign that is placed by the side of your chart near the Spring.

The next two signs, the Virgo and Pisces, are slightly more flexible than the Taurus sign. Both are characterized by a strong sense of logic and perception. Yet the sense of truth in both the signs is somewhat different, with the Virgo being much more pragmatic while the Pisces being a more imaginative and emotional creature.

Significant Differences Between The Sun And Moon Tarot Readings

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There are also significant differences between the Sun and Moon tarot readings. With the Sun sign, there is a strong tendency towards intellectualism and a need for speculation. These people are quick to criticize others and are very inventive and logical. They are also quite sensitive and need a steady mental supply of mental stimulation and support. In general they are great listeners, so they can easily become depressed or overly sensitive when the Sun sign person gets bored.

The Moon signs, Venus and Mars, tend to have a more emotional sensitivity and their emotions and personal problems are more complicated and intense than with the Sun signs. However, these signs are also highly creative and have a great flair for art and entertainment. These people usually value independence and individualism, and value freedom to do what they want. It is the Moon sign that represents the individual who is independent and free – the one who is not afraid to follow their own way.

Accuracy Of An Astrological Reading

The accuracy of an astrological reading depends upon the person for whom it is given. Only a properly trained and experienced astrologer can predict the future accurately for a person. They have to use all their knowledge about the attributes of a person and the general character of a person, to interpret the signs accurately. This makes it difficult to predict the future accurately for someone else.

Advantages And Benefits Of Astrology

There are many advantages and benefits that come with astrology. A qualified astrologer is well trained in astronomy and knows how to interpret the stars accurately. He must know at least some of the zodiac signs as well. He can give you astrology readings for every day and help you understand how the planets affect your life. An astrology sun sign reading can tell you what to expect on some special days of a year.

Summing Up

In addition, astrology can also forecast the outcome of some major events in your life such as your marriage and birthdays. It can also forecast your future success and failures. If you feel that you are not happy with your current situation, you can try an astrology reading to see what can be done about it. You can also look for life mentors in your horoscope and take their advice.

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