What Are The Astrology Signs Elements

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Know About The Chinese Astrology Sign Elements

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The Chinese astrology signs elements work more on the similarities between the heavenly bodies rather than on the movements of the heavenly bodies. But there are some significant similarities between the Chinese astrology signs elements and those of the western astrology signs. For example, it can be established that each element of the Chinese natal chart has a corresponding metal in the Chinese astrology signs. The same applies to the western astrology signs.

The Chinese astrology signs elements are based on the lunar waxing cycle. They are also influenced by the Chinese concept of yin and yang. The concept of yin and yang is that each of the elements of the zodiac has its own position on the earth’s surface. There is a general rule that the elements of the zodiac are always present in the presence of the Moon. According to this rule, if the Moon is in the east sector of the earth, then the element of earth is present with the Moon.

Important For People Who Use Them For Their Charts

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The astrology signs elements are very important to the people who use them for their charts. The classical elements are determined by the fixed nature of the Sun, the Moon and the Mars. The other elements like wind, water, fire and space cannot be accurately determined by astrology. In the case of the Moon, it is semi-determined by astrology and its movement around the earth is not nearly as regular as the other elements.

In addition, the signs of the zodiac also have their own astrology signs elements. They are the Air, Water, Fire and Metal. The five elements of the zodiac are the most common in all astrology systems. However, there are some cases where some of these can be disregarded, depending on the circumstances. For instance, in cases where the Moon is in the opposite sign of the Sun, the element of water will be considered as the true sign of the element.

Know About The Yin Yang Concept

The Chinese concept of yin and yang is based on the relationship between the Sun and the Earth. The earth is associated with metal and the metal with water, while the water with fire. Therefore, the earth sign is also known as the yin Sign. In astrology, the Chinese term for the earth sign is called the Ca. The Chinese term for the water sign is called the Chi.

Summing Up

Your natal chart would also contain other information based on your star sign. For instance, if your sign was Pisces, your natal chart would show that you are a water sign, with the Sun in the South. If you are a water sign, then you would therefore be an air sign, with the Venus in the West. These are just some of the information that your astrology signs could contain, depending on your star sign.

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