What Are Horoscopes and How Did They Affect the Lives of People

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In Eastern astrology the direction of your birth (also called your zodiac sign) is crucial to determining your most direct path in life. It is based on the Chinese belief that every person has both a positive and negative energy, which influences his personality. The Chinese astrologers see a person’s energy as an invisible string that runs through his body, from head to feet, connecting his upper and lower body.

12 30 Degree Sectors Of The Celestial Equator

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In Western astrology, horoscopes are the 12 30 degree sectors of the celestial equator, also called the First Point of Aries; also called the Ace of Pentacles. The order of these horoscopes is Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. These signs are named after the signs of the Greek gods. These are believed by many people to be the first maps of the sky. They were also the original constellations. In both astrology systems, the Moon appears to be the main cause of movements on earth, while the Sun plays a vital role in the movement of celestial stars.

Horoscopes History In Greece

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Horoscopes have a long history in Greece, when the people used it as a simple tool to plot vital events in their lives. According to myth, the real architect of Athens, Pytheas of Athens, was so skilled that he was able to use the horizontal lines on the horizon to draw his buildings. Later, others also started to use these horoscopes to predict important events in peoples’ lives. For example, a certain town in Egypt named Khorsabad was famous for its astrolabes or ‘book of life’. However, it was believed that these horoscopes were used by the ancient Babylonians.

The ancient Egyptians also used the sun as a method to determine time and place. They used a replica of the moon known as the crescent of the moon. The size of this crescent, which was almost the same in size to the sun, was used as an effective guide to time and location. Horoscopes have also been found engraved in ancient Egyptian ruins. The horoscope was considered to be of great importance in ancient Egypt. It is not uncommon to find the Pharoahs’ horoscopes, the royal horoscopes drawn up by the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Ancient China Also Had Astrology

They considered the position of the sun, moon, and stars to be very important in determining a person’s character. For example, the Chinese would often refer to the phases of the moon as well as the colors of its rays to determine one’s current marital status. They also believed that the severity of storms, the direction of rivers and the movement of winds were also related to different personality traits. Accordingly, the Chinese would use various astrologers to help them in determining these factors.

Summing Up

In the medieval period, horoscopes were more applied to the nativity of a person’s birth. This application became popular among the masses as people became more interested in it. Horoscopes were also written in many places such as the Lucidologus of Segovia, theices of Milan and the Secrets of Ptolemy. The popularity of astrology signs never waned and even increased during the renaissance era. It was also brought about by the scientist and mathematician Isaac Newton.

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