What Are Fixed Signs of Astrology

astrology fixed signs

The fixed astrology system is a form of astrology that has its signs fixed according to the cardinal and semi-major axes. The fixed astrology system does not use the planets or stars for determining an astrological reading. A fixed astrology system can be useful for giving you a rough idea about the future, but it cannot tell you what the exact timing will be. The only thing that can be predicted accurately in this system is the time and place of the birth of a person.

This astrology cannot be used by everyone who uses astrology. However, if you are interested in learning more about your own natal chart and the subtle variations of it that can reveal you’re true astrological sign, then you should read on. It is important to know that there are two different types of astrology. There are Western astrology and Eastern astrology. You also need to know what the differences are between the two types.

Astrology Fixed Signs

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Western astrology which is also sometimes called western astrology is based on the fixed signs of the zodiac. These fixed signs were first discovered in the western world around 1600 B.C. and are based on the sun, moon, and planets. Each star has an influence on human activities and emotions. As each has a different effect on human beings, there are different fixed signs for different time periods within a month.

These astrology systems have many flaws. Firstly they are only based on the fixed signs of the celestial bodies. All of us are subject to the influence of the heavenly bodies including our Sun, Moon, and planets. Therefore we will have some influence from the fixed signs regardless of our place of birth. Therefore some of us will see changes in our astrological signs, while others will not. The fixed signs are also subject to the chaotic nature of the universe and this means that our fixed signs can be affected by other forces including those of our Sun or our Moon.

This can mean that our Sun may not be in its exact sign during a particular time and this will affect the calculation of our days. Another flaw of astrology is that it does not take into account the effects of lunar cycles. Therefore the calculation of a person’s astrological birth date is likely to be wrong for those who are born at a time when the Moon is in a new phase. It is possible to calculate a person’s astrological birth date correctly for a particular time but this depends on your ability to use mathematics and the knowledge of how the Moon cycle affects astrological phenomena.

A Much Ado

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Some people are totally against astrology and say that astrology is nothing more than a way of making decisions. However, astrology has been proven to be useful and valuable in many ways especially in the fields of business and sports. People are able to make better decisions about their future because they are able to understand the natural flow of things. There are many astrological charts and they are widely available on the internet or in books.

Some people have argued that astrology cannot exist because there are fixed signs that cannot be changed. However, there are many countries where astrology does occur and these countries include Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Many cultures have used astrology in one way or another over hundreds of years. The Chinese for example believed that there were twelve stars that represented the twelve sections of the Chinese lunar calendar.

Bottom Line

In modern times astrology is used to find out about the individual characteristics of a person. This is especially true in psychotherapy, where it is believed that an understanding of astrology can help the therapist understand a client’s personality. This is in contrast with the idea that astrology is nothing more than superstition. There are many scientists who have researched the effects of astrology on the human mind. These studies have found that the fixed signs of the zodiac do actually affect the human brain in a different way.

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