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In astrology, it is believed that Venus is the secret of love. It is a quite closer planet to the sun. It is one of the brightest planets in the solar system. The planet is named after a Female Goddess. Thus the superiority of female sex is best portrayed through it. The planet is also known as the morning star. It is the planet of love, romance, beauty, sex, wealth, knowledge, and prosperity.

Furthermore, it influences various professional sectors. Moreover, the planet is also known for music, dance, and other fun activities. Apart from the moon, this planet also dominates mood swings, change of heart, etc. Venus sign is essential to determine their love and compatibility. Moreover, the sign position of it plays a vital role in attracting partners. The character traits of Venus are most triggered when people are in love. In a relationship, the factor that should be considered is the its sign.


Rulership Of Venus In Astrology And As A Secret Of Love.

Venus rules two signs, mainly Taurus and Libra. The sign Libra and Taurus have difficulties in accepting each other. The planet, Venus, is the Goddess of love, romance, sex, and pleasure. Love comes easily towards Libra, among other zodiac signs. Libras have a lot of luck in their favor due to Venus.

Moreover they fall in love very often. Individuals with Venus in Libra are alluring and famous. Furthermore, Libras have good taste and expertise in making love. They fear to take wrong decisions. Therefore they are often in a dilemma while making commitments. People with Venus in Taurus are down to earth and realistic. They love massages and therapies. Taurus’ also like to attract the opposite sex with a beautiful fragrance. They either commit to a relationship or move apart. However, they prefer discussions to keep their relationships smooth.  However, one should not test their patience and piss them off. Taurus’ falls in love very quickly and make secure connections. Yet they take time to realize whether its’ love. They are dedicated to their partners. Moreover, they very careful about health and finance.


Facts About  The Planet Of Love.

Venus represents individuals’ ability to fall in love and value morals. It influences a persons’ personality and mode of thinking. People having different sign and sun sign have contrasting characteristics. The main aim of it is to maintain hormonal balance in the body. Thus it motivates people to stay healthy. Therefore it controls the whole existence of human beings. Venus, being the Goddess of love and romance, increases flexibility.

Moreover, it plays a vital role in respect to emotions. It persuades one to realize their self-worth and work hard. Astrologers say that a person with damaged Venus is incapable of finding love. However, like every personal planet, issues relating to it can be worked on.

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