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Vedic Astrology Charts

Life predictions and apt remedial measures are the integral part of the Vedic astrology charts. From gems to kavachas, from mantra to Yantra, from lockets to bracelets, there is a multitude of ways when we think of astrological cures for the odds of life. But, gems are often a preferred choice to deal with it.  From palmistry consultants to the users, gems are highly favoured as remedies.

Why Vedic Astrology Charts are Important

Stars are Prime Elements of Vedic Astrology Charts
Stars are Prime Elements of Vedic Astrology Charts

According to the Vedic Astrology, gems are likely to ward off the malefic effects of planets as well as eliminate negative energies. No other remedial means are this effective, believes the exponents of Vedic astrology. Gems attract the cosmic rays of the planets, which further influences several aspects of human life, including life, health, wealth, marriage, education, and so on.

How Gemstones Are the Perfect Remedial Measure

Wearing gemstone can effectively strengthen planetary influences. But, these should be accordng to your life’s predictions. Since everything is not suitable for everyone. Astrologers prescribe gemstone after a thorough study of the birth chart of a person, so that the remedial measures are perfectly accurate.

As per the Vedic Astrology, gemstones are closely connected with the cosmic ray transmitted by the planet. They attract planetary rays through auras and astral fields, which accentuates the influences of the respective planets in your life. So, when a particular planet is weak, but does not cast any evil influence, a gem is best remedy. The gem for a planet may also strengthen the positive vibes from the respective planet.

Planets have natural dispositions as beneficiary or malefic depending on the house of placement. It’s also dependent on its relationship with the Lagna lord. When it comes to astrological cures through ‘ratna” or gems, astrologers essentially focus on beneficial planets that include Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Moon. On the other hand, Sun, Mars and Saturn may be beneficial depending on their placement on the lagna. Planets ruling the kendras (houses 1, 4, 7, &10) as well as trines (1, 5, & 9) are most important and require a boost with proper gems if weak.

Life Predictons & Criteria of Using Gemstones

According to the palmistry consultants and leading KP astrologers, gemstones can provide effective solution in the following scenarios.

Bad Mahadasha and use of stone

Gemstones provide excellent benefits to alleviate the obstacles in your life. Astrologers suggest specific gemstone if a person is suffering from marital discord, health issues, domestic violence, and financial losses.

Bad Antardasha and use of gems

Antardasha or sub-periods of planets can affect a person, even though the respective planet is in an overall good state. However, the malefic effects of Antardasha last for a short span of time. During this phase, a person might face unforeseen situations such as litigation, police cases, huge medical bills, and similar kind of losses.

Weak planet and use of gemstone

To deal with the weak planetary influence in the natal chart, gemstones are quite effective. Your astrologer will suggest the right kind of gems for the debilitated planets.

Planetary affliction and use of gems

We all are aware of the planetary affliction on the individuals. The planets like  Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu are likely to have evil effects on someone’s life if not placed properly. If you are under the malefic influence of any of these planets, gemstones work wonders. People are likely to face cheating and mistrust in case his Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketuafflict Venus. With a perfect gemstone, you can ward off the obstacles of your love life.

Vedic Astrology Charts Define Life
Vedic Astrology Charts Define Life

The Takeaway Point: Vedic Astrology Charts

According to Vedic Astrology, gemstones can attract the cosmic rays from the planet, thus accentuating the beneficial effects of the planets. But, gems should be chosen carefully; else the effects can be devastating. Consult a well-versed astrologer before you invest in any gemstone.

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