Using Zone Astrology In Astrology Reading

zone astrology

Zones of energy can be based on: placement in the Zodiac, location in your physical environment, relationships with others, your personal values and beliefs and other things. By studying these different zones you can gain insight into your own self as well as what you need to do to improve your own life. Here are the basic Zones of Energy that you need to know about.

Personal Zodiac Zone 

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Your own personal Zodiac zone is the one you have developed. This zone represents your most basic characteristics, likes, dislikes, talents and interests. It represents your personality, and you can easily be said to be “Yourself”. You have little control over this zone but you will feel this energy especially if you are having problems in some area of your life.

Your own Zodiac horoscope zone is also called your Astrology Sign. It is the energy of your sign. When you use astrology, the person you are using the horoscope for will be drawn to your zodiac sign based on their own energy. There is some debate over whether your horoscope really is an expression of your inner self or if it is your interpretation of your inner self. However, there is evidence that it is an accurate reflection of who you are, what you want, and your feelings.

The next zone is the Zodiac cycle. The earth has cycles, and each cycle represents something specific. Depending on your birth date, you will have a different Zodiac cycle. Your astrology horoscope will show you when the best time to make a change in your life will be. Your horoscope is telling you when to make major decisions or opportunities in your life, such as marriage or career, so you can take advantage of these times.

The next zone is called your zodiac element. This is basically the physical characteristics associated with your sign. Everything from your hair color to your body size is associated with your zodiac element, and this energy affects how your horoscope will depict your personality and the people around you.

One of the things that astrologers believe helps understand our own energy is by understanding our personality type. It is made up of our dominant and passive characteristics. Think of your personality type as a pyramid. On top are your qualities such as creativity, power, strength, independence, and truthfulness. Underneath them are your negative characteristics such as negativity, deceitfulness, cynicism, and self-deception.

Once you understand your personality, you can figure out your Zodiac sign by finding out which sign best represents who you are. If you find that you are “alesentric” then your horoscope will be written in a negative manner. If you are “conscientious”, you would then have an “Aries” zodiac sign. But if you are “imaginative” you would have “Gemini” or “Cancer.”


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Having a good zone is essential in astrology, or any type of self-understanding process. However, many people simply ignore their zodiac signs when doing astrology readings. While ignoring your zodiac isn’t going to change your life, it will greatly impact your zodiac astrology. When you want to know what your sign is telling you, simply take note of where your zodiac colors are. From there you can begin to learn about your zone and its effects on you.

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