Using the Septmented Zodiac for Natural Astrology and Gemstones

september zodiac

Virgo and Libra are often the two most popular zodiac signs associated with September, the zodiac month which begins in the Spring. Thus, those born in the month of September would either be a Virgo or a Libra, hence the name. These two signs split the September year into early September and late September zodiac type. Virgo is the symbol for intellectualism, logic, while Libra is the sign of compassion, romanticism, idealism, and imagination. While there is no hard-and-fast rule to determining which sign of the zodiac you are going to be, it is generally assumed that Virgos are more logical than Libs, which tend to be more emotional.

There are several meanings associated with the September birthstone, as well as other star sign or zodiac signs. The September zodiac symbol for Virgo is the Aries gemstone. The color of the gem is yellow. The gemstone has traditionally been attributed to virility and desire. The september born zodiac signs Virgo and Libra share the same gemstones, and therefore many Virgo owners prefer their gemstones to be yellow, while Libra owners prefer theirs to be green.

An Overview

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Virgo is the most optimistic of the september birthstones. It is the symbol for power and success. Because it is a sign of perfection, Virgo is considered to be a great teacher, an inspiration for others, and a role model for life itself. The color of the gemstone, Aries, is symbolic of fire and growth. Because the september is also the month of growth, Virgo is associated with growth and expansion.

While Virgo can bring about optimism, it can also create anxiety because of its exuberant and eager attitude. People born in September have this characteristic. However, they can also be overly excited about new things and ideas. People with the september zodiac signs Virgo and Pisces do not mix well, and people born under these star signs find it difficult to live with the self-doubts and uncertainty that come with being a Virgo. Therefore, they tend to have excessive amounts of confidence and to think too much.

The September birthstone, Astragalus, is thought by many astrologers to represent imagination, idealism, and hope. Astragalus, along with the planet Saturn, is considered by some to be a masculine sign. The September birthstone for the planet Jupiter is considered by other astrologers to be a feminine sign. Both these planets can bring a positive influence to your personality, but when combined, you are sure to create an exciting and dynamic situation for your personal and professional life.

Using Zodiac for Natural Astrology

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The September birthstone for the state of Ohio, called the Cresent, is associated with the element air. This element represents people born in September who value individuality and freedom. Those born in the United States of America, generally speaking, value their freedom more than any other nation in the world. The september symbol for the state of Ohio, the september of the september for the country itself, and the planet Jupiter, all combine to make the september for Ohio a very unique zodiac symbol.

If you are born in September, you are one of over seven percent of the earth’s population that is said to be a horoscope zodiac twin. You are also one of over seven percent of the people who believe that the September birth flower is a symbol of new life and growth. The september symbol for the state of Ohio, the september for the country, and the planet Jupiter are three significant planets that bring about a positive effect to those born in this month. This means that you have a bright future ahead of you, and the people around you will benefit from your success as well. Those born on the anniversary date of your september birth flower will also receive something good in their symbolic astrology reading.

The September birthstone for Ohio is the garnet, which is the color associated with the september zodiac symbol for the state. Garnets are traditionally representative of innocence and youthfulness. The september zodiac symbol for Ohio also includes the color gold, which is associated with wisdom and intellect. It is important to remember that all of the colors have specific meanings that must be carefully considered when choosing an appropriate gemstone to wear on your zodiac horoscope.

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