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The character of the Scorpio is very quiet on the surface, and the heart seems to be full of inexhaustible activity. The Scorpio has amazing endurance and willpower. Once he makes up his mind on the choice of his prey, he will never let go easily. Scorpio people are very avenging and a little shy, so they are particularly sensitive to protecting themselves. Strongly impulsive personality. Have enough energy and courage, not afraid of difficulties. Observing keenly, he can often get insight into the truth of things, and he also has unique insights into things. When acting in a completely destructive and innovative way, full of mystery. From the heart of harmlessness, but if people offend them, they will fight back and retaliate against the other party and adopt appropriate response methods. The spiritual and material requirements are very high, and at the same time, they have made considerable efforts, persevering, and have a strong response to love and hatred.

The Scorpio has an attractive, magnetic, and mobile personality. Has a mystical tendency, they are difficult to understand, under normal circumstances, they are cute, can influence and comfort others. Usually courteous, generous, loyal, compassionate, and patient, but when they are provoked, their anger is unmatched and they lose their mind. The Scorpio is very observant, can meditate, can think independently, and never accepts the opinions of others unless it is investigated, and rarely provides further opinions unless requested by the other party. Relatively sensitive, strong feelings, good memory, self-confession ability, and active and extraordinary inspiration. Often the inspiration comes to his heart, and he can analyze human nature. Not easy to be deceived. He is intuitive and can predict what is about to happen. Have a loving, aggressive, and enthusiastic nature.

The biggest difficulty lies in the emotional nature, he must learn to control it, avoid being too stubborn and losing his temper, and overcome his envy, jealousy, and selfish tendencies. With a keen sense of power and a passion for research, any question will be investigated, and even the secret of the human soul. Scorpio is sincere and trustworthy, and friends often complain to him or ask him for help.

There are two different types of people born in this constellation:

A star in the dark

One is the

The Scorpio

Both types are formidable opponents. The better type is harsh, but the appearance is kind. Some Scorpio people look ugly but have a compulsive sexual charm. The more noble type has hidden incorruptibility, can concentrate on dedication, has a noble mind, and can unselfishly dedicate to mankind for the benefit of everyone. The lower type is sinister and cunning, with a cruel and vicious mood and uncontrollable jealousy, vile and treacherous. If he is offended, he will take revenge.

They don’t show their feelings too much, so they rarely argue with others, but once they exceed their tolerance limit, their feelings will explode, and become angry. Strong personality, showing strong will, repressive personality can attract others wonderfully and magnetically, it is a sign of sexual attraction. Among the twelve constellations, this constellation is the one who loves strong feelings, possesses strong desires, and has strong sexual needs, and tends to indulge. There is a stubborn belief in religion. Although prolific, he is too bossy towards children to be good parents.

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