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We all know that still in many parts of India horoscope astrology is practised since the Vedic period. People believe in astrology blindly, beyond science and logic. Still, it is a point of debate among the generation that believes in logic and science and the one that believes and carries in superstitions and myths passing it to another generation. 

Astrology is an important part of the Indian Hindu tradition. In Hindu, culture newborns are still named based on their Jyotish charts that are also known as birth charts or kundali and also make major decisions regarding marriages where these birth charts are matched to check the capabilities of the two people supposed to get married. It is believed that heavenly bodies that include planets influence the life of human beings. 

However, the astrology of any kind has been rejected by science as it has no explanatory power for describing the universe. There is no valid or satisfactory explanation given by astrologers through which the position and motions of stars could affect events in the life of people on earth. science considers it illogical and no astrologer could prove it so far. This article is about astrology cloth that the tarot card readers use in their session. Let’s see what this cloth is about and how it is helpful for you.

Astrology Triple Goddess Cloth Moon Phases With Bag

This tarot card reading cloth is made from velvet material that has triple goddess moon phases printed on it. You might have seen cloth like this on your visit to a tarot card reader. This cloth looks beautiful, the material used in making this is velvet that gives it a shiny and classy look. The print in it will not fade away after several washes. You can have it for yourself as a showpiece in your drawing room or you can give this tune to your friend or acquaintance who loves tarot card reading. 


  • Brand Name: OOTDTY
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: Tarot Tablecloth
  • Material: velvet
  • Size: 49 × 49 cm
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  • This tarot cloth is the double purpose since it can be used as a table cover or tapestry
  • It is soft and the colours will not fade when it is washed
  • It protects the tarot cards from possible damages such as dents and scratches


  • It could be a little tricky for you to clean this cloth since the material used in making this is velvet. 
  • The velvet is highly absorbing dirt and dust. 


This article is not about changing your perception of astrology. We respect your perspective and there is nothing bad in that. Hopefully, you will love to have this velvet astrology cloth for yourself or as a gift to someone.

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