The Astrology Zone March On By Jeannie Makers

astrology zone march

His mother is called Lily, and he has many friends and good friends. One day Lily gets an unusual phone call from her old friend Amy. She tells her that she has received a letter from Amy inviting her and many other people from her astrology zone to a “girls only” party, which is being put on by her best friend, Joanna.

The people Amy invited are people from her astrology zone – they include Amy’s husband Peter, her sister-in-law Jenny, and a few people from their own astrology zone. Everyone seems happy and relaxed, except for Matthew. He feels like his world has come to an end, and that something very bad will happen to his wife and children.

Lily Invites

Lily invites the people to her house so that they can meet them. At first, none of them seems to be really excited about it, but then Joanna gets up and announces that she has been hired to work at the astrology zone for a whole month. Everyone is surprised, but none of them knows what she means by working there. Peter asks her what she does, and Lily tells him that she helps people who are afraid to go to a different world because they are from an astrology zone.

Lily works with a girl called Alice, who is from her astrology zone. They get along well enough, but one day Lily finds out that Alice is not who she claims to be. When Lily returns to her astrology zone, she finds Alice has been spirited away to a strange place called the Wild Side. The Wild Side has strange creatures and strange people living in it, and while Lily is desperate to find her lost friend, Alice is determined to find out where she came from.


A tree in a forest

The next few chapters are about a man called Eric, who lives in California. He is a student who likes to think that everything is logical, but astrologers everywhere are not always like that. He keeps telling his mother that he is going on an astrology reading with one of the best astrologers in the city, but Lily is not interested. She soon finds out that Eric has plans to run for governor and see if he can be the new governor of California.

A very strange and interesting character named Kaylee appears in the last few chapters. Kaylee was one of the patients in the astrology zone when Lily took her astrology reading. Lily noticed that one of her friends, Charlie, was acting strangely and was not telling her friends where he was going, but when Lily saw Kaylee she just knew she had to ask Kaylee where she was going. It turns out that Kaylee works for a company called Krome, which makes satellites. After seeing Charlie and getting him to join her in her campaign, she gets to know him better, but things go bad between the two of them when Charlie learns that Kaylee knows a lot about the darker side of California.


In the final chapter, ‘The Astrology Zone,’ Libra reaches the zodiac sign of Capricorn. This is the first time that she has gotten to read her horoscope in fifteen years and finds that everything is new. She gets to meet some other astrologers, including one who asks her to help him figure out what is wrong with Libra. He tells her that she has three times more energy than usual, which is the reason that she has reached the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Astrology is not for everyone, but anyone who loves the written words will love this book. There is no science in it–just a bunch of symbols. However, if you have an interest in your future and how it will affect you, this book will make you interested again. It’s not a fast read, but that is its charm.

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