The Ancient Knowledge Of Chinese Astrology Chart

What would you do, if someone can predict your future? You would surely want to know & prepare for the predicted future. Astrology is a defined as the study of the possible relation between a person & the movement of person concerned celestial bodies. The Chinese Astrology charts suggests that there are 12 animal signs. Each animal sign corresponds to a particular year. The person born in the particular Chinese year will be the Chinese zodiac sign of that particular person.

The Classification of years

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Each Lunar year corresponds to a zodiac sign. The 12 animals represent 12 Chinese years and these years form a cycle. The Chinese year does not work according to the Gregorian calendar. Those who are wondering about Gregorian Calendars should know that the January to December yearly system is the Gregorian calendar. The Chinese year is celebrated as the year of the corresponding zodiac sign.

The 12 Chinese Zodiac signs

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The 12 animals that represent each of the zodiac sign are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. The sequence of this cycle remains constant. Each of the zodiac sign appears 12 years later, thus forming a cycle. The year 2021 is the year of Ox.

Connection of the Zodiac sign & Personality

Each zodiac sign represents a symbol & thus defines the personality of the person born in the corresponding year. The zodiac sign & the associated symbol is always described in pair because each pair is designed in such way that the zodiac signs complement each other. The description is as below-

  • Rat & Ox are the symbol of Wisdom & diligence respectively.
  • Tiger is the symbol of valor & vigor & Rabbit symbolizes prudence.
  • Dragon & Snake symbolize Strength & flexibility respectively.
  • Horse symbolizes persistence & Sheep is a symbol of peace.
  • Monkey & Rooster symbolize Flexibility & constancy respectively.
  • Dog is a symbol of loyalty whereas pig symbolizes amiability.

So, one can simply categorize themselves with the knowledge of their birth year & Chinese year.

Which Zodiac sign is yours?

The birth year & the Chinese year, both determine the zodiac sign of a person. It can be exemplified as a person born in year 1996 will have rat as his/her zodiac sign because the year 1996 was the year of Rat. Similarly, people born in 2021 will have Ox as their zodiac sign.


The Chinese astrology chart is an ancient study and helps people in predicting their personality according to their zodiac sign. The prediction helps people to identify & understand their capabilities in accordance with their zodiac sign. The ancient knowledge also helps people to find a compatible match to live a peaceful life ahead. Therefore, the science of Chinese Astrology chart has been simplifying the lives of people to some extent.

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