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April will be a good, cheerful, and productive month until we get to the monster full moon in Scorpio on April 26. I know I am writing this on April 1, April Fool’s Day, and I wish I were pranking you. This full moon will be no joke.

I am concerned about this full moon because Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected, will directly oppose the full moon in Scorpio on April 26. Uranus will be conjunct the Sun in Taurus, and Venus and Mercury will be in Taurus as well, making those planets unstable, too.When you look at the chart for the full moon, you will see that seven out of a possible ten heavenly bodies will be in fixed signs, indicating each side will dig in their heels and not be willing to budge an inch toward a compromise.

To add to this jarring picture, Saturn in Aquarius will be at the mid-point between the Sun in Taurus and the full moon in Scorpio, forming a 90-degree square to the Sun and, simultaneously, make a second square to the full moon. This situation will be difficult to unlock because of each person’s inability to compromise.

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The message to each of us is that we must remain practical and take in what the full moon will reveal, for the full moon will put the handwriting on the wall. That full moon will work to give you the information you’ll need to protect yourself by giving you information to make sound decisions.

I would prefer you keep your schedule light during April’s last week to be free to move in any direction necessary to correct things. Surprise-a-minute Uranus is the culprit of this full moon, so you will never be able to guess what event Uranus would create. It is always something you would have never considered a possibility.

Do not to sign papers or agree to any offer verbally in the days surrounding April 26. It would be best not to take the DNA of this wild monster full moon and build it into the agreement.

I have thought about the nature of Uranus and why the universe presents us with unanticipated events that rattle us from time to time. I came to the conclusion that the universe wants to teach us to be resourceful and to use ingenuity. It also seems the universe does not want us to become complacent and assume things will always remain the same.

Sometimes the universe becomes impatient—a bad situation that goes on too long that needs to be corrected, and if you can’t fix it, the universe will come in and do it for you (and maybe not in the way you would have chosen). At other times, we assume the other person is agreeing with our thinking when that is not the case, or that people will always be loyal and never betray us. These are all tough experiences, but they tend to cleanse situations and bring them back into alignment so that we can live better, more productive lives.

Sometimes it’s not due to any human error or flaw in character of anyone you know (or in you). Things sometimes just happen with not much rhyme or reason—there is no one to blame.

It’s not what happens to you that is important but rather how you respond to challenges that matters. Never worry about things that have not happened, nor should you worry about things that are out of your control. This seems obvious, but it seems to happen when we feel overwhelmed. The pandemic has added an entire layer of stress over many people. It is always best to break down a problem into little manageable pieces, and take one day at a time.

Last time we had a monster full moon was October 31 of last year, 2020. You were so kind to tell me what happened to you at the time (if anything happened at all), so I hope you will share any story you might experience this time. Please post on Twitter or Instagram @Astrologyzone (I use the same name for both platforms) or on Facebook, “Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone”—I am in a red dress with spaghetti straps.

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