Planet Symbols in Astrology and How They Can Affect Your Astrology Compatibility

Planet symbols in astrology are not a new phenomenon. In fact, they have been around since the beginning of the universe. They are usually used to describe a star’s location at the time of an event. There is a lot of speculation as to how the placement of these planet symbols in astrology actually came about.

Best Theories

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There are many theories on the placement of these planet symbols in astrology, but no matter what the cause is, it is generally agreed upon that the placement of a star’s symbol is based on both his or her personality and the sign that the star belongs to. A star may be placed in one of several zodiac signs if it is of the Fixed Sign. If it belongs to the mutable Sign, such as the Aquarius, the planet symbol of that sign will also be shifted around by the presence of another star in the same sign.

When it comes to the placement of a symbol, the sky is no longer the only authority. Astrologers have used stars and planets for centuries to give their predictions. The advent of radio and television has greatly reduced the need for such belief. The placement of a star symbol in astrology can now be based solely on personal preference. So, which symbol should you use?

The Symbols

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Before you pick your sign, determine whether or not you believe that your personality has any significant changes coming up. Do you always feel happy and positive, or do you seem to be always pessimistic? Is your mind and heart filled with negativity or optimism? Does your sign represent your qualities as a person more than your sign? If so, then you would want to use the star in your sign to symbolize your personality. If not, you would want the planet Venus to be your sign’s star, and Mars their own.

With Venus, your sign’s star is one of renewal. If you are new at being single, or have just gotten a new partner, then your sign’s star would be determined by the newness of your surroundings and relationship. The energy and emotions that each planet represents are a way of expressing yourself and finding your place in the world. In astrology, these are all qualities that will help you make the best choice for your personality.

Understand The Signs

If you have two planets in different signs, especially beyond the primary sign (i.e. Gemini), then the combination of these two signs will have an impact on your general personality. These signs are very similar in characteristics, and it is easy to see why they are often paired together. If you have a Gemini and a Taurus in your signs, then there is a great deal of opportunity to learn and adapt to these two very different and opposing signs.

Your astrology signs compatibility can also be determined by the elements of your zodiac sign. Each of these signs represents something different. For example, your sign is associated with water. Water signifies the mind and emotions, and air represents the body. In astrology, if your sign is associated with water, this can give you ideas about how to live your life, while if you have a sign associated with air, you might have ideas about what you want to do with your physical self.


Planet symbols can also have a strong impact on your astrology sign compatibility. Some of these include the moon, the sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. Each of these can have an effect on your physical appearance and also your mental demeanor. Your sign’s compatibility is very important as this will determine your general emotional and mental state.

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