Observe, Clearer, Allowing You to Instantly View the Smallest Details of the Target Object!

This Electronic Biological Microscope for Laboratory Education has a built-in camera that will allow you to connect it directly to the computer. This microscope also has an eyepiece that one can use for analysis. But with increasing technology, it is now possible to connect your microscope directly to your computer using a USB and view the specimen you have kept under the microscope. 

This microscope also has 2 light sources that make the specimen crystal clear. If you are a biology student or work in a similar field and want to invest in a good quality microscope, this is the ideal choice as it will live up to all your expectations. If you wish to see the specimen through the eyepiece, you can do that too. With this microscope, both options are open to you. You can switch up anytime as it hardly takes a minute. 

Electronic Biological Microscope For Laboratory Education

This microscope has a monocular lens. A monocular lens has one tube with eyepieces on one end that are interchangeable. Monocular lenses give you a flat you of the specimen you are observing. 

This microscope can magnify the specimen up to 2000 times to view them very intricately while studying them. 

With this microscope, you will also receive some equipment that will come in handy to use and maintain the microscope. The microscope requires a battery supply of 4.5 volts, and also requires three AA batteries. Along with this, you will also receive a bag to carry all your equipment. 

The magnifying knob is under the lens, which can be rotated to magnify the specimen. You can magnify the specimen right from 40x to 2000x. 

The entire body of the microscope is white and the eyepieces are black, they also have a glossy finish which makes the cleaning process very easy and quick. 

The USB required to connect the microscope to the computer is also provided in the package.

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  • Magnification Ratio 40X – 2000X
  • Model Number OSL-002
  • Material Metal
  • Features Digital
  • Theory Biological Microscope
  • Drawtube Monocular
  • Eyepiece WF10X / WF25X Wide-angle eyepiece
  • Objective lens 4X / 10X / 40X
  • Auxiliary lens 2X
  • Zoom 40X-2000X (40x 80x 100x 200x 250x 400x 500x 800x 1000x 2000x)
  • Power supply 4.5V (3 AA batteries) or adapter power supply
  • Electronic eyepiece interface USB
A microscope on a table


  • The microscope has a magnifying power of up to 2000x. 
  • Can be connected to a computer for a clearer view. 
  • The microscope has 2 light sources for crystal clear visibility. 


  • The microscope has monocular lenses. 
  • Requires power supply.


For someone studying or working in the field of biology, a microscope is a very important piece of equipment to have. What is more important is having a good quality microscope that serves the purpose and lasts long without any complications. This microscope checks out all those qualities making it the perfect fit for any biology researcher. So go for it without any doubts!

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