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star chart astrology

Horoscopes are nothing but an ordinary chart or diagram depicting the positions of the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, stars and other celestial objects at a given time of an occurrence, for example the time of a human’s birth. The word horoscopes is derived from the Greek terms igoros and scopistas meaning “all knowing” and “teacher”. Horoscopes can be found all over the world in books, magazines, and newspapers and often on television. In recent times, the Internet has given rise to online horoscopes which are much more reliable than the printed versions. However, there are several things that you need to keep in mind while using an online horoscope.

Chart Template

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A good chart template can help you in generating many charts with one single click. The beauty of these online horoscopes is that they are based on actual measurements of the positions and velocities of the celestial bodies. In order to make your chart template more effective, you need to add the data that are relevant to your chart. For instance, if you are a chart reader who deals with solar charts and star charts, then you need to add the data pertaining to the places of the Sun, Moon and Mars.

The placement of the Sun or Moon is important in determining the movements of the celestial bodies and their relative positions in the sky. In fact, a good chart will also show the relationship between the Sun and other stars. It is imperative that the placement of the constellations is taken into account while creating a star chart.


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There are many tribal cultures in India who believe in the effects of the stars on mankind. These Indian tribes believe that the different movements of the heavenly bodies have an effect on the human being. For instance, the Sun will be directly linked to the life of people and many of them are attached to the presence of Sun in their houses. In this sense, using the star chart of an Indian tribe, you can predict the arrival of the new moon as well as the Full Moon.

The calculation of time and location is another important factor that has to be included in the calculation of time. Therefore, the positioning of the constellations and the relative positions of the Sun and the Moon have to be calculated accurately. The availability of accurate time and place calculation in a star chart template makes it easy for all astrologers and scientists to calculate their daily routine. The Indian tribes believe in the mystical powers of the stars and these give them an insight into the future. The alignment of the celestial bodies and the positioning of the Sun and the Moon are considered very important by the Indians and they use the Sun and the Moon as guides.

Influence The Belief

Many of them also believe in chakras and that is why many tribes are keen to study the chakras and their relation with the stars. For this, special sessions are held where expert yogis and yoginis teach the students of yoga exercises. The Sun and the Moon are believed to influence the physical, emotional and mental health of humans and therefore, they are considered to be the most important aspect of astrology. With the help of the constellations, people can find out what all they should do in order to make their lives meaningful.

Today, many people rely on the Indian astrology since it has helped them understand their future better. The creation of a simple star chart template has made things easier for scientists and researchers who depend on the stars for an explanation. Today, you can easily download the template from the internet and start analyzing the movement of the stars through the help of an online star map. This way, you can calculate the movements of the heavenly bodies and determine the exact time when you should go for a party or a get together.


For those who are still not sure about the usefulness of such a tool, let me tell you that the calculation of the movements of the stars and the movement of the moon are essential in understanding the future. There are different explanations about how the planets affect human health but all of them are connected to one common factor. That factor is the moon and its relative position with the sun during the night. By analyzing the movement of the stars and the moon during the night, you can understand a lot about the future and predict your future with much ease.

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