How To Read A Vedic Astrology Chart Free

vedic astrology chart free

Want to read your vedic astrology chart but have no idea where to read? Well, fret not, here we have come up with some ways to read the chart for free. However, before diving into ways to read a chart, let’s first know a little bit about an astrology charge. Well,  This chart is based on Vedic astrology that uses a sidereal zodiac and timing system. It works to calculate your planets concerning the actual nakshatra or star positions in the sky. By learning your birth chart, you can take a glimpse inside your soul. This will in turn, help you to become aware of your inner energies and strengths.

Vedic Birth Chart

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The Vedic birth chart is the unique karmic map that shares a person’s past, present, and future wisdom. Thus, your Vedic chart holds the key to understand who you are based on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body level. Besides, your Vedic chart also shares your intimate secrets about your healing and transformation process.

Moreover, the Vedic astrology birth chart shows the Moon, the Sun, and other planets at the exact time of a person’s birth. To draw an accurate birth chart or rasi chart, you’ve to know your birth date, the precise time of your birth, and the place of birth. Today, we will tell you about how to read a Vedic astrology chart free.

Identify Your Rising Sign Is Essential To Read A Vedic Astrology Chart Free

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The primary thing to read the Vedic chart for free is to find the first house in your chart, and this is also where your rising sign is located. And your rising sign is indicated by the small number, so what is your rising sign?

1. Aries, 2. Taurus, 3. Gemini, 4. Cancer, 5. Leo, 6. Virgo, 7. Libra, 8. Scorpio, 9. Sagittarius, 10. Capricorn, 11. Aquarius, 12. Pisces

Find Your Sun and Moon

Now count the counter-clockwise around the chart, located at first over the 12th houses. Here you can put what houses are your Sun and Moon in.

SU is the abbreviation that is used for Sun, and the Sanskrit abbreviation is SY for Surya.

Likewise, MO is the abbreviation used for the Moon, and the Sanskrit abbreviation is CH for Chandra.

Identify All The Nine Planets in Your Chart

Here are the common abbreviations to identify the nine planets and what houses they are in.

Common Abbreviations: AS- ascendant, your 1st house, MO – Moon, SU – Sun, SA – Saturn, ME – Mercury, MA – Mars, VE – Venus, JP – Jupiter, Ra – Rahu, Ke – Ketu.

Identify Your Planetary Signs

When you identify the planets and the houses they sit in, the subsequent step is to ascertain what signs individual of the nine planets are placed. For example, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu sit in your birth chart.

Understand Your Vedic Birth Chart

Understanding the principles of reading a Jyotish chart is quite different from finding meaning in the many elaborate pieces.

Final Words

If you want to use a Vedic astrology chart free for personal growth, firstly, you should try to get the best astrologer for yourself. Plus, you have to make sure that the person has good experience in this field. Also, it would help if you asked for references from people who have already used the astrologer. Moreover, it would be best to not rely on it alone for growth and well-being, as astrology is not a direct course.

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