High Card Reading – Your Birth Card Calculator Can Unlock the Power of the Tarot

birth card calculator

The birth card calculator provides the information that will make it easier to produce an accurate result. Would it be better to use only the last name of the person and add all the other names together? Do you know what kind of information is needed to produce a decent result? Well, the answer depends on how you want to utilize the birth card calculator. Sometimes three different forms of the major arcana are required to fit the information you want to input. There are times when you may need more than one calculator, for example when you are working with more than one life path. So, it would be best to know which one fits your purpose before using any others.


For those using more than one birth card calculator, it is essential to have the ability to print custom birth cards. Some calculators will allow you to do this but not all. The trick is to know what kind of information is most important to you and how many birth cards are you going to produce. If you need a large number of birth cards (ie a big family) then you may want to print custom ones. Otherwise, it would not be worth the time or the effort.

Accurate Results

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It is important to note that if you are using a pure one-paged birth card then you should not have to worry about printing anything on them at all. If you are using a spread that has a blank inside, you simply enter the name and birth date of each person. That is all you have to do. If you are using a more complex version that has a blank inside as well as the name and birth dates, then you simply enter these details into the appropriate fields on the spread.

Easy To Use

One example of an advanced spread is the traditional Japanese birth card, which is usually larger and in a different colour than normal ones. The spread has five vertical lines with each line divided into four sections, namely, the left, right, centre and the base or bottom of the card. You can easily tell the difference between a traditional one with a few extra features such as the emperor symbol that appears at the top. Simply enter the person’s name and birth date. A traditional birth card will always show the person’s full name, however, you can also choose to display nicknames or just leave it blank. Numbered lists are also available.

Precise Calculations

If you wish to produce very precise calculations you can use a birth card calculator which is a little more complicated. It uses several different features to calculate birth cards. One of these features uses a standard deck of cards and a specific algorithm to generate your personalised list of names and birth dates. After entering all of your details, all that’s left is to click “calculate”.

Variety Of Features

If you’re looking for a handy calculation tool, you should definitely check out this site. Not only does it have a large variety of birth cards, but it also has helpful articles written about many different aspects of this popular occasion, including using birth dates in compatibility calculations. Please use the links below to find all of your favourite articles. (You may also find some very useful other articles on this website.)

Bottom Lines

Finally, if you’re worried that your future employer will find out about your usage of an online website to calculate high card readings, don’t be. Using the website of a highly respected online tarot psychotherapy community will not cause anyone to question your ethics or professionalism, nor will it result in anyone questioning your sanity. Using the free service is a fun way to learn about the art and science of the Tarot, as well as get some useful practice in reading your own birth cards. Happy studying, and may the force be with you!

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