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A monocular weighs half as much as a binocular and is far more convenient to carry and manage than the latter. If you plan on using it for an extended period, though, it may become difficult to hold in your hand. When doing long-term observations, you should use binoculars because they are more comfortable on the eyes than monoculars. 

The majority of monoculars on the market can only be used during the day, except for a few rare versions that offer excellent vision in low light. The availability of a monocular with superior night-vision technology is a consideration. 


·         Brand Name: svbony

·         Type: Monocular

·         Model Number: SV49

·         Magnification: 10X-30X

·         Objective lens diameter: 50mm

·         Type of prism: Porro / BK7

·         Prism coating: Yes

·         Number of lens: 7Pcs/4 Groups

·         Exit pupil diameter: 5-1.7mm

·         Exit pupil distance: 19.5-15.4mm

·         Field of view: 213-105Ft/1000Yds

·         Waterproof: Yes

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●Provides functionality

A monocular’s small size and lightweight construction ensures that you will not be burdened while you go around catching unique landscapes and wildlife action. While not in use, they are very simple to stow and will not take up much space in your backpack when not in use. While trekking through dense forests or along rocky roads, you won’t have to worry about getting scratched or hitting any hard surfaces.

●Allows you to use your other hand for more productive tasks

When using a monocular, you only need to use one of your hands, which allows you to carry additional essentials with you, such as maps or tumblers, when bird watching. Make phone calls or grasp onto something to keep yourself from tumbling or slipping but still enjoying your rare moments of solitude with nature without interfering with them.

●It can assist you in saving money

Considering that a monocular is far less expensive than a pair of binoculars, purchasing one is highly suggested if you are on a tight budget but still want to invest in an optical instrument that you can take with you on your excursions. 

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·         Wearing glasses requires you to allow an additional space of at least 0.5 inches between your eyes and the eyepiece to have a better view.


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