Extremely Popular Astrology Zone Twitter Owner – Susan Miller

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The owner of astrology zone twitter is a trendy and charming lady – Susan Miller. She is an American astrologer and the author of eleven bestselling books. She has maintained around 17 million readers from both her websites ”Astrologyzone.com” and mobile apps in 2019. Miller is also known for her lengthy, personalized horoscopes with more than 1000 words. In addition to the website and app, Susan Miller also uses social media sites like Twitter and Instagram to engage her readers. Although the website is free for viewing, the complete readings of her require a subscription. Also, she is a familiar columnist for various magazines, including Vogue and InStyle. In 2018, her website got 310 million views. Miller has a celebrity following which further added to her popularity. Many renowned celebrities such as Pharrell Williams, Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry, Justin Theroux, etc., follow the astrology zone Twitter being extremely impressed with her astrology, i.e., fortune-telling. In one of the tweets on astrology zone twitter, a fan mentioned her, highlighting that she is popular in the UK with The Guardian saying – she is the queen of fortune-telling, alone responsible for inspiring their obsession with all the heavenly things. 

Know About The Popular Tweets Of Astrology Zone Twitter 

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Susan Miller, the owner of the handle astrology zone twitter, writes commendable tweets about fortune, which are universal. Have a look! 

Astrology Zone Twitter Aries

As per astrologers zone Twitter, the August 22 full moon in Aquarius will be breathtaking. It will be an excellent time of the month – one of the best you will witness this year. The full moon will clasp to Jupiter and bring a climax to something close to your heart involving any of your closed ones. 

Astrology Zone Twitter Cancer 

Astrology Zone Twitter owner Susan Miller explains that cancer is tender, nurturing, and a great listener. December 29 is the full moon of cancer. Uranus in Taurus will beautifully orient to the sun, and the full moon brings exciting news, especially about home and family. Saturn conjunct Jupiter highlights that a girl is going to complete, and the future is very bright. 

Astrology Zone Twitter Leo 

Astrology Zone Twitter tweeted that when the moon is full in Leo, it’s a fantastic day for shopping for something luxurious. If you focus on something you want eagerly for a long time, this will be the perfect day to order it. You will always love it. 

Astrology Zone Twitter Taurus

August 22 is the full moon in Taurus. As per the Astrologers Zone Twitter owner Susan Miller, the full moon in Aquarius is in your house of honors, awards, and achievements. Anything which will happen on this full moon goes well. 


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This informative and unique article was about the various impressive tweets by the astrology zone twitter owner – Susan Miller. Her work is quite commendable. Do follow her! 

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