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Astrology is a scientific and factual study (Pseudoscience). It basically derives information about humans, their affairs and other terrestrial events through divine power and the position of celestial bodies. If you dive deeply into the world of astrology you will find that it carries a link to the spiritual and supernatural world as well. Even though there are a lot of stigmas associated with astrology many people have complete faith in its principles. A huge lot of individuals seldom check their horoscopes and treat it like a fun activity. Depending upon the date and month you are born in, you are grouped under different sun-signs. These signs have a distinct emblem that is symbolic to an individuals’ personality and traits. Based on your sign, an astrologer determines your horoscope; and your horoscope changes every single day. If you are part of the July clan you will be divided into a team on two signs; Cancer and Leo. If you wish to dig deeper, keep reading and learn more about yourself and your respective sign.


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If you are born between July 1st to July 22nd  you will be identified as a Cancer. Cancers have a very wild personality and are usually considered to be extremely emotional and hot-headed. They are believed to be spiteful and vindictive. Although, they do carry a load of these negative emotions but they have a softer, calmer side as well. Cancers are said to be extremely loving toward the people they consider an integral part of their life. The most notable trait of a Cancer is their die-hard loyalty, with this comes their protective nature. They are awfully protective of the people they love and this trait might play against them at times. In addition to being extremely devoted Cancers keep their families and friends at a high pedestal and have the determination to defend them, come what may. Their zodiac symbol is a crab. 



People born between July 23rd to July 31st  are grouped under the sun sign, Leo. As the name suggests, Leos’ are usually feisty and their personalities are often compared to crackling fire. They are extremely warm individuals with dynamic a character and are said to be very passionate. Leos’ are charismatic and take advantage of instances where they can make their personalities shine. Leo is recognized by the symbol of a Lion and share likewise traits such as determination, bravery and dominance. These vivacious individuals are said to be the Royals of the celestial jungle, they love to in the spotlight and have great leadership qualities. They are ambitious and are very concerned about the well-being of their loved ones. You can always count on a Leo when you need a slight push or motivation.


Regardless of your beliefs in the accuracy of astrology and authenticity of its principles you will have to accept that it is a very interesting concept and can keep you hooked for hours. It is so much fun to be able to learn more about yourself and your traits through a third person perspective. Go ahead and look for your horoscope too, now!

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