Deeper Meaning of Different Astrology Symbols

Different Astrology Symbols

Different astrology symbols have different meanings and significance. Here is a brief explanation of the twelve star signs symbols.



The symbol of Aries represents the horns and face of a ram. This sign is based on Chrysomallus, who was a flying ram who gave golden fleece. This sign depicts authority and kinship.



This symbol illustrates the horns and face of a bull. The people born under this sign are methodical and peaceful by nature. They get angry very slowly, but once angry, they can even get violent.


This star sign’s symbol represents a pair of twins who were granted shared immortality after their mortal brother Castor died. These people have dual personalities; they often act in a particular way on one day and in another way on another day. They communicate well and share ideas well.


This star sign’s symbol is based on the mighty Karkinos. He was a giant crab who harassed Heracles during his fight with Hydra. Anyone born under this sign move sideways like the crabs, avoid conflicts as much as possible. They also pinch like crabs and do not let go of things that make them happy.


This symbol represents a lion. It was given after the famous Nemean Lion who had an impenetrable skin. People who are born under this sign are regal, relaxed, proud, and very much like to take charge. They are natural born leaders who like to run after what they want in life.


Anyone born under this star sign represent loyalty, dedication, kindness and nurture. This sign was based on the women Astraea who was the last immortal woman to leave the Earth at the end of the silver age.


This sign represents scales. Anyone born under this star sign is often held by Themis, the Greek God of law and custom. This sign loves to balance every aspect of life and they easily get upset at any injustice happening around them.


This star sign is associated with a snake or an eagle. They are intense, aggressive and love to be alone when provoked.


This star sign symbol represents an archer. Anyone born under this sign has a nature based on Centaur, Chiron, the person who mentored Achilles in archery. These people are obsessed with traveling and adventure. They also are fond of learning.


People born under this sign are intelligent, logical and goal oriented. The sign is based on the body and head of a goat with a tail of a fish. It is based on the Sumerian’s main God of waters and wisdom, Enki, as he was supremely wise and intelligent.


This sign is based on ripples of water. It is associated with Ganymede who is the water-bearer. People born under this sign are very patient, generous, friendly and also love to self-reflect and introspect.


This symbol represents ichthyocentaurs, the person who aided Aphrodite as soon as she was born at the sea. People born under this star sign are dedicated to their own people, love being around people and are very vibrant as well. 

These above are the main zodiac signs in astrology and the meanings of different astrology symbols.

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