Compatibility And The Moon – Your Astrology Moon Sign Can Help You Find Your Soul Mate

astrology moon signs

Many people have heard about astrology moon signs and how they affect your reading. However, few actually know what these are. For example, the Virgo in astrology moon signs is an air sign. It has the characteristics of being logical, trustworthy, and agreeable. A person with this type of moon sign will always project an air of sincerity and honesty.

Libra’s Are Air Signs

They value logic and order. A Libra will often use astrology moon signs to balance their emotions. The Libra does not like to be in emotional upheaval. They are often the ones that can calm others when they become upset or simply need to be reassured. This air sign also values logic and order in life so they do not like to be in a situation where there are problems that are not properly understood.

The Cancer is one of the four major astrology moon signs. People with this astrology sign are normally very caring and sincere. They value people and things that are important to them. They are usually very warm and loving. The great quality of being a caring and sincere person is what makes people attracted to the Cancer.


If you have the sign of Cancer, you will need to pay close attention to your emotions because they will be a big factor in what you think and feel on a daily basis. People with the astrology moon signs of Cancer are very sensitive and emotional. If you are dealing with this feminine energy on a daily basis, it can be difficult for you to be logical or rational. This sensitivity can be very hard to live with so you need to try to keep your emotions in check.

Many people who have astrology moon signs believe that the birth dates that they chart for will give them a better understanding of what life will bring them. They will be able to see the direction their life is going and what steps they need to take to get to that destiny. You may also find that you have some very strong emotions and very strongly believe in something. You need to channel these strong emotions in a healthy way so that they don’t get out of control.

The Libra

The Libra is the third of the four sun signs. People with this type of astrology sign have a very open personality. They like to learn about new things and they are very comfortable with the changes that happen around them. The Libra is very curious and will have a natural flair for the many different areas of life.

The Pisces is the fifth of the four sun sign of the zodiac. The Pisces has a great sense of self that comes from the fact that they are water signs. Water sign astrology has many great traits that include the ability to see visions, being easily attracted to new ideas and being extremely flexible. It can also mean that the Pisces can reach great goals through a good plan and having an accurate grasp of detail. The Pisces can also be very sensitive and have a great dislike of boredom.


This will allow you to see where you may be placing too much importance on certain aspects of your life. For example, the sun sign Pisces is often a great partner for someone who has a firm grounding in the feminine energy of the Moon. However, the Moon itself can sometimes pull away from the Sun Sign and in turn place more emphasis on the feminine energy of the Moon. Knowing your horoscope along with the moon sign can give you a more balanced approach to how you interact with others and can help you understand how your own personality is influencing the way you interact with others.

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