Check Your Astrology Chart Compatibility

Astrology Chart Compatibility

When it comes to marriage, many people still emphasize on horoscope matching, popularly known as “Astrology Chart Compatibility”. Eighteen Gunas (features) in the horoscope of the bride and groom must complement each other to ensure blissful nuptial bonds. Contradictory features might trigger differences between them, and result in marital discords. But, there are instances where marriages with astrological matching have failed, and the ones violating the match have survived the test of time.

So, what’s the entire fuss about compatibility matching?

What is Horroscope Matching?

Astrology Chart Compatibility Matters
Astrology Chart Compatibility Matters

The concept of astrological compatibility matching has its reference in the Vedic Astrology. According to the ancient norms, detailed birth charts (horoscope) of the prospective bride and groom are studied before finalizing the marriage. In many places, it is a part of the marriage ritual. Every member of the bride and groom’s family abides by these divine rules. All the relevant yogas, doshas, and gunas of both the charts hold incredible value while making a match.

The matching is important, because it helps you find out the efficiency of the match on the basis of following parameters.

Compatibility of the souls

Vedic Astrology says there are 36 gunas in total. These are the determinants of the happiness and prosperity in the marriage. Quite obviously, Ashtakoota matching or Guna matching has so much of importance. This match reflects how blissful & prosperous will their life be. Different gunas identify different factors of life. Matching the horoscope can help you analyze conjugal harmony as well. It is believed, that marriage is not recommended if the Horoscope does not have eighteen matching gunas.  

 Financial Stability & Career Aspects

Marriages can make or break the financial stability of the partners, if their planetary movements contradict each other. Keep in mind that nuptial bonds often change the movements of planets in their birth chart. This planetary movement can impact each other’s life and financial scenario. Sometimes, a mismatch can lead to financial loss and significant problems in each of the partners’ career. This effect is indicated by the seventh guna of the Horoscope. Financial stability and job prospects are the primary things of this Horoscope matching.

Astrology Chart Compatibility To Bear Child

Begetting future generations is one of the leading aspects of marriage. And, this is one of those aspects, for which Horoscope matching play a significant role. From determining whether the potential match is capable to bear offspring to the health and happiness of the future offspring, everything can be speculated through an in-depth Horoscope matching. The eighth guna, Naadi becomes the deciding factor when it is related to kids and health of the partners. This guna carries maximum points and points out if the potential match will fetch any issues in the long run.

Doshas of the Potential Match

Often the position of stars in the respective birth chart creates doshas in the marriage horoscope of potential partners. It can affect the fortune of the partners as well as the future kid. Sometimes, the positioning of stars at the time of birth can create doshas like Shani dosha or Mangal dosha. Horoscope matching can detect these doshas at the time of marriage. However, there are astrological remedies to get over these.

Astrology Chart Compatibility Denotes Health & Happiness
Astrology Chart Compatibility Denotes Health & Happiness

The Takeaway Point

 Horoscope match holds a special importance in the field of astrology. It is true that many people are still having a blissful conjugal relationship, without Horoscope matching. But, more often than not it will be a game of chance. Also, to ensure health, happiness, and the prosperity in a marriage, horoscope matching is important. In case, there is some problem, your astrologer can advice apt remedies to get rid of it.

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