Celtic Astrology Symbols And Their Meanings

Celtic Astrology Symbols

Many of us are familiar with the name “Celtic Astrology”, but do you know what exactly these symbols mean? If not, Celtic Astrology has its roots in the ancient practice of using runes to predict the future. The runes had been used to keep track of the sun, moon, stars, and other celestial objects. Astrologers who were using the runes as a method to predict the future would often use these symbols to write down the position of the celestial objects in relation to the person or place being studied.


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There is no actual formula for predicting the future using these symbols, but some of the patterns found in the symbols are consistent across all different types of astrological charts. Celtic Astrology symbols are based on a three dimensional perspective that is based upon an interpretation of the natural world and the symbols found within it.

Some of the most common symbols used for prediction are the ram, the cross, and the celt. The ram is one of the most common symbols used as a tool to help predict the future. In Celtic Astrology, the ram is considered to be a symbol of wealth. The ram can also symbolize power and virility in men. It is also considered to be a symbol of the sun, which is also used to describe the birth of the month.

The celt, as well as the ram, is a popular Celtic astrology symbol. The celt is also seen as a symbol of power and fertility in women, as well as fertility and sexuality in both genders. The celt is also seen as a symbol of virility and strength in men. Because of its association with men, this is another reason why men also tend to see the celt as a tool to be used to predict the future.

Symbolism Of The Sun

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Another important part of the celt is its symbolism of the sun. In this context, the sun is thought to symbolize the growth of knowledge, the ability to make good decisions, and the willingness to take risks. All of these things are important to those who use this symbol. The sun is also associated with the moon, which is another of the primary symbols used by astrologers in order to explain the effects of the celestial bodies upon the human body.

There are other symbols that have been seen as very important elements of astrology. The circle and the half-moon can also be seen as very important symbols. A circle and the half-moon symbol can represent the cycle of life and death and the balance of forces in the world.

Can Be Used To Predict Future

One of the biggest myths about these symbols is that they can be used to predict the future by connecting them to specific locations in astrological charts. These connections have been proven false, but many people continue to believe this way.

If you are interested in Celtic Astrology and want to learn more about the various symbols that have been used to help predict the future, you should check out Celtic Horoscopes. This is a website that will give you detailed information about Celtic Astrology symbols and the ways that they can help you in your astrological chart.

Last Words

As long as you know that you are not trying to predict the future, you can use Western Astrology symbols in a very different way. You can also use these symbols in conjunction with Celtic symbols in order to get a deeper understanding of how each one of the two symbols affects the human body and the forces that surround it.

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