Book Review of The Stars by Susan M. Miller – A Quick Review

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This article will discuss the life and works of celebrity-writer, Susan M. Miller. Astrology for people who do not know is reading celestial objects and stars. Ms. Miller proudly calls her own books, several times, throughout each year. She also books herself into writing hundreds of articles and blog posts every month. And, every year she captures 200 million page views, which is very impressive.

Susan M. Miller is an astrologer and website developer based in California. She is the author of several well-known and best-selling books including the New Moon Series and the Eclipse Series. Her writing has appeared in many newspapers and magazines including AOL Newsstand. The website of Susan M. Miller can be found at the bottom of this article.

An Overview

Susan M. Miller wrote an e-book entitled, “The Eclipse Series: A Guide to Constellations & Planets,” which was released in 2021. This book discusses topics such as the Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Rhea, and Halley. The e-book was inspired by a reading where she made observations and interpretations on her notebook during a stay at the library.

The website of Susan M. Miller discusses books written by Susan M. Miller. These include such authors as Frank Cownie, Clyde Scanland, Pamela Coleman, Beverly Hillman, and Ann Tran. Another book that is discussed on the website is the Susan Miller Reader’s Companion: An Intimate Guide to Astrology, Fixed Stars, and Your Astrology Sign. This book was written by Susan M. Miller and was released in 2021.

Book Review of the Stars by Susan Miller

Susan M. Miller’s website contains links to articles written by her and other people on astrology and the planets. Some of these articles are written about her own works, and other articles are written by other people. In addition to these articles, the website also offers a calendar of events pertaining to Susan M. Miller’s books, which you can also access by clicking on the link on the left hand side of the page. Additionally, this site offers reviews of books written by Susan M. Miller, and she discusses these reviews in an e-book she authored entitled, “Sivan’s Guide to Planetary Love.”

The website of Susan M. Miller discusses the works of several other astrologers. These include works by B.B. de Leon, Hill Harper, Florence Knutsford, John van de Ruit, and Agatha Christie.

One of the links on the website of Susan M. Miller discusses an e-book by B.B. de Leon called, “The Secrets of Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide to Using the Stars as guides to Your Destiny & Possible Career Choices,” which was previously written by another author. This author is Hill Harper. Hill Harper’s e-book is subtitled, “Agatha Christie’s Astrology and the Stars,” and his book can be purchased on the website by purchasing the cover page and then purchasing the text of the book.

Several of the works detailed in this website are written by Florence Knutsford. Florence Knutsford is a well-known authority on astrology, and she provides an extensive look at the life of Queen Elizabeth. In one of her works, she examines the relationship between King Edward and his wife, Queen Elizabeth. She also delves into the relationship between King Edward and his mistress, Nursees de la Vois. Finally, Florence Knutsford describes the works of B.B. de Leon.

This website features works by many other authors. In addition to Hill Harper’s “The Secrets of Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide to Using the Stars as Guides to Your Destiny & Possible Career Choices,” several other works have been released. These include books by Jenny Joseph, J.J. aspers, and Annick Groom. All these authors have provided comprehensive information on astrology and its accuracy for those who may be interested in reading their works.

Bottom Line

The website also offers an explanation of the concept of astrology, including its classification according to Zipcodes. The website includes maps of the world, along with its corresponding Zodiac sign. Areas are colored based upon the sign of the star. The website was created by Susan M. Miller, who is a professional astrologer.

A review of this book states, “Ms. Miller provides a clear and logical explanation of the various interpretations of astrology while at the same time providing practical suggestions and tips for application. This is an easy read that is sure to make even the most skeptical reader feel a sense of involvement. Astrology can be an interesting subject to research and can even become a part of your life. Susan Miller has provided an easy to read introduction and an excellent reference. This book is definitely a must-have for all.”

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