Astrology: Understanding The Basics Of It

The Basics Of Astrology

Astrology deals with the change in the position of the stars and planets associated with human experience. Astrologers observe the positions of the planets when the person is born for defining the interests, characteristics, and themes related to the life of the person. Astrologer prepares a chart for the individual when they are born, and it defines the whole life of the individual. 

Astrology: Understanding The Basics Of It
Astrology: Understanding The Basics Of It

Planets & Astrology

Planets can define the different phases of a personality. Sun represents identity and self-expression with self-respect, warmth, and dignity, and the moon involves moods, needs, and feelings. Moreover, it talks about emotional life. Mercury represents the communication skills, Venus is about the expression of love, and Mars is the symbol of self-instincts, assertion, vitality, and drives. Jupiter is the representation of aspiration and planning. Saturn symbolizes stabilizing the lives through sustained and focused effort. Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune are the plants that are known as transpersonal planets. Astrology talks about how these different planets which influence different parts of the characteristics, affects you at different phases of your life by considering their positions.  

Zodiac Signs  

Each planet has a sign that symbolizes it’s energy, which expresses itself. Astrology signs include the ecliptic divisions, the path through which sun moves around earth i.e., based on earth’s perspective. There are twelve colors with earth, and each of the colors represents the 12 different zodiac signs. Signs undergo modification and assign a specific color to each planet. The signs also define the passage of the seasons using Capricorn, Libra, Cancer, and Aries corresponding to Winter, Autumn, Summer, and Spring. You may know your sun sign and a few characteristics of it.  

Each of the different zodiac signs defines the characteristics of the individuals through the common features of the star sign. The first six signs mostly deal with individualization. However, the last six signs deal with a new phase, which is about emphasizing an individual’s social integration. 

Houses In Astrology

Each planet tags with a zodiac sign, and it also is part of the birth chart. Houses talk about divisions related to space around the individual during the birth time. The astrologers use the exact date, time, and place of birth for determining the point’s position and then provide the characteristics and the future of the individual. 

Cycles In Astrology 

Astrologers usually create the chart and also determines the various phases of your life as per the lunation cycle. Life has cyclical patterns signifying birth, development or growth, decay, and rebirth. These different phases are related to the monthly phases of the Moon and Sun. Separate quarters exist in the cycles as well. 

Interplanetary Aspects & Astrology

The lunar cycle has different phases, and other planets also have cyclic relationships with each other. The critical stages in the relationships are popularly known as aspects. Also, the aspects indicate the way different planetary functions connect and function together within the individual.

Astrology: Understanding The Basics Of It
Astrology: Understanding The Basics Of It


A complete complexity of the individual’s nature includes the signs, aspects of planets, and the placement of houses in the birth chart. The life of the birth chart is the transits that deal with the continuous movements of the planets through the sky. 

Progressions Of Astrology

Transits identify the psychological traits and the personal potentials which are part of the natal chart. Astrologers look at human beings as persons who change and grow with time and so just sticking to the chart does not make sense. Hence, the changes and the planetary positions after some days or years of birth show progressions. 

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