Astrology Symbols In Order What Does Your Sign Symbolize

astrology symbols in order

Several astrology symbols are known to man. They are known to be present in books written by those who claim to have Astrology expertise and have passed down this knowledge to readers. These astrology symbols are then translated into their meanings by means of interpretation. The significance of these astrology symbols varies depending on the sign that they represent. Knowing these different astrology symbols and how to use them would be useful to know what each symbol stands for and what they can mean.

Astrology Symbols In Order: Zodiac Sign

A star in the sky

The first of the astrology symbols is the zodiac sign. Each of the zodiac signs can be associated with one or more of the other five elements. Astrologers consider the earth, air, fire and water that make up the physical world to represent one’s place in the physical world based on their sign. A person with the sign of Virgo would be classified as a person who enjoys earthly activities such as practical and office work, while people with the sign of Capricorn would be considered to be focused and intelligent.

To determine the exact sign that one belongs to, you will need to look at each symbol’s description in the horoscope. Each sign has a description that explains to you what the star sign that you possess is. This information is essential as it will allow you to know what you need to do to transform your personality and take on the qualities you were born with. If you do not have proper astrology symbols, you will only be guided by theory instead of knowing whether you are a Virgo, Capricorn, Libra or Pisces.


The next astrology symbols that are used in astrology are the houses. The astrology houses are the elemental embodiment of the individual zodiac signs and the element associated with them. They also reflect the personality and characteristics of an individual. This is why there are specific house signs, such as the Libra house signs or the Aquarius house signs.

Date, Place Of Birth Of The Person

The next astrology symbol to be mentioned is the period in which the person was born. Each sign can roughly be assigned a particular time period ranging from birth to about three hundred years before the person’s death. Since each sign has several time periods, you have to determine the exact date of birth so that you will be able to give the appropriate astrology sign. For instance, if the sign of Capricorn was born about three hundred years ago, you have to interpret the time period accordingly.

After all of these astrology signs are known, it is easy to figure out the personality type of a person. However, there are more than a few personalities types that people are complexions, which involves astrology. The sign of Aries is the sign of an air sign and represents energy. Taurus is the sign of fire and is a very traditional sign of business-minded people, while Virgo is the sign of earth and is a very romantic sign.

Things To Know

When it comes to sex, the sign of Capricorn is the one for relationships, and this also includes marriage. Capricorn men are hard workers and have great imaginations. While this characteristic is very attractive to women, it is not for Capricorn women only. This may sound odd, but Capricorn men often take on lovers even though they are married. It is important to understand this sign’s astrology symbols because it can help you determine whether your potential partner would be compatible with you or not.

Bottom Line

There are more astrology symbols as well as information regarding time, dates and places. You can also find out how the zodiac signs relate to each other. Some charts display the relationship between the Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. These are all based on actual information that has been studied from astronomy as well as astrology. The exact date and time for an event cannot be predicted accurately in the future. Still, these charts can certainly give you an idea as to when the time will come and how significant it will be for the particular person you are trying to attract.

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