Astrology Symbols And Dates – What Does Astrology Say About You

astrology symbols and dates

Have you ever taken a look at the astrology symbols and dates and wondered what this astrology could say about you? While some people do not have faith in astrology, it brings to you A Ray of hope even on a practical note. It helps you understand what is beyond your control and what you can expect in the upcoming years. 

Astrology Symbols And Dates – Social Bee

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If you have never liked being a social bee, then be prepared to hit countless dance floors and bars this year. You are in for meeting lots of people and establishing tight connections. You would be inclined to invite them for meals and walk like a pro on every social bubble you have oh-so-carefully inflated. Blow your hands and warm yourself for a blast!

Astrology Symbols And Dates – Family Time

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Is it that you haven’t had a lot of time on your hands in the past few years for your family? Did work keep you back in the office or did your employer always assign you a last-minute assignment when all went home? Worry not, as you would have plenty of chances to spend time with your family this year. There is going to be lots of shopping, outing, movies, and picnics apart from holidays which is only the icing on the cake. Rest assured, every event would be filled with joy and laughter. This way, you would be making the most out of this year and nonetheless that too, with your family!

Love Life

You would be clouded in an air of mystery and the funny thing is, you choose not to! It happens as it comes and you wouldn’t be able to speak your mind regarding the matter just because you would be overwhelmed with emotions. Instances from the past may come up to disturb your peace and you may find it extremely difficult to battle the instances. It is advised to not think of your social circle during this time. Wait out until the end of June. Rethink your preferences and remember not to mingle love and friends at least till all the adrenaline-packed incidents die down.

Spiritually Ambitious

Interesting planetary alignments have got interesting predictions to deliver. You may suddenly take up an interest in work-related issues. You would be inspired to follow deadlines and would be much passionate about your career, wanting so badly to earn a promotion. Also, you would want to get on the good side of your boss and work colleagues and you would also maintain a great public face. Your spouse would have to be understanding of your out-of-the-blue and unprecedented love for work and ambition!


With the kind of social activity, you are to be indulged in and also the amount of trips you would take with your family, luxury is going to be your forte in this period. You would want to take advantage of every opportunity that would present you with luxury or freedom. It is recommended to not just blindly welcome these your way until or unless you’re sure that it would only bring peace and not turbulence for you. Patience is the king and you only need to stay on the coast until the sails begin to fall unconscious.

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