Astrology Sabian Symbols And Predictions

Astrology Sabian Symbols

Astrology Sabian Symbols are 360 in number, with each sun sign having 30 symbols. In the olden days, the sky was divided into 360 degrees, just like we do in a circle. They then allowed 30 degrees to each star’s signs of zodiac signs (total signs =12). Thus, Astrology Sabian symbols came into being. They are collecting 360 phrases with each phrase corresponding to each degree of the zodiac wheel, starting from Aries 1 to Pisces 30. The length of these symbols varies from 2 words to 21 words. There is a story behind each sign, and they hold a unique energy field of their own.

History of Astrology Sabian Symbols

These symbols came into being when an astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie May Wheeler, a psychic and a gifted clairvoyant, experimented on understanding the sun signs’ 360 degrees. Marc and Elsie met in Balboa Park in San Diego, CA, in 1925 to test. Marc used a set of 360 3″ x 5″ cards on which he wrote Aries 1 degrees, Aries 2 degrees, and so on up to Pisces 30 degrees. They shuffled the cards. A card was drawn at random and put face down in front of Elsie. Elsie would psychically tell Marc the symbol on the menu and the meaning on the card. Over the next eight hours, the cards were shuffled, drawn, and interpreted until they had completed all 360 cards. The symbols are often used in astrology to enhance depth and dimension to the planets’ astrological reading. It emerges as an invaluable tool for astrologers working on incredibly specific areas of the chart.

Astrology Sabian Symbols And Future Telling

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You can use astrology Sabian symbols to interpret any planet or point in a birth chart directly. For example, suppose your moon is at 18 degrees and 37 minutes of Leo. In that case, the astrology Sabian symbol to look for will be Leo’s 19th degree, not Leo’s 18th degree. To find the Sabian symbol for someone born on October 21, 1990, in New York City, NY, at 5:00 pm, I would determine the Sun’s degree on that date, place, and time. In this case, the Sun was at 28 degrees, 12 minutes of Libra. You always use the next higher degree to determine the Sabian symbol. This Sabian symbol is about handing down knowledge. The person with their Sun at 29 degrees Libra might be a teacher or someone who transmits others’ command. It gives the owner the gift of knowledge.

The astrology Sabian Symbols bring forward the issues and points not shown by any other chart readings. These symbols help to understand the path of life. It helps identify and understand things happening around you and what’s going on within you and so much more. In light of so much information availability using astrology Sabian symbols, users can decide their future actions more positively and confidently. Symbols enable the astrologers to reach their inner knowledge. As in the Tarot, it stimulates our connection to the universal consciousness through images, colors, and feelings.


The astrology Sabian Symbols continue to inspire modern astrologists and mystics. These symbols help to enhance the astrologers’ interpretation of charts.

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