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cancer astrology signs

There are 12 astrology signs in all. One of these signs is CANCER, which is the 4th zodiac sign on the list. The people born from June 22 to July 22 approximately fall in this zodiac sign.

Every astrology sign has some features which are specific to that sign. Many people believe this to be superstition while many believe in it to be true. These signs are called astrological as they have a lot to do with the stars and their alignments. Planets to play their roles, with the sun and moon.

Some facts about Cancer Astrology Sign

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  • Cancer is the fourth astrology sign which originated from the constellation of Cancer.
  • The symbol for this sign is Crab.
  • This is a water sign with the moon as the sign ruler.
  • The quality of the sign is cardinal.
  • This sign is often associated with emotions.

Features common to Cancer

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Though not true for all but some very common features that generally all the people of this sign can connect to will be discussed under this section.

The people of this sign are often known as emotional, highly sensitive, nurturing, and even insecure at times. The color that is often associated with the cancer sign is white. They are often protective about themselves, and just like a crab often reach back for their shells when they feel the need to protect themselves.

Are these features true or just a myth?

We often come across people who either believe too much in astrology or not at all altogether. But the question is are they actually art or just some myths we find ourselves believing in?

As far as the signs are concerned, they have a scientific origin and are all about the movement of planets and moons. This is indeed a scientific concept but coming to the predictions, it is a different story.

Predicting the future of the past of someone based on their sign is an art and there are very few. We can go as far as saying a handful of people, who have acquired this art. These people are not people who know witchcraft or anything, they are people who can see the movement in the planets and stars thereby, making predictions. Some people have made this a source to generate money, and know nothing about it, these are the people everyone should be aware of because they are the one you make this scientific approach baseless.


Those who can predict will never make a firm statement because the future is more dependent on our deeds than the movement of the planets, and starts. Hence we can conclude by saying that though astrology is an art blindly trusting it will do no good.

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