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space art


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Art can be broadly defined as a creative activity or product that is intended to express or communicate an idea, emotion, or experience. Space art is a form of art that portrays the universe, space exploration, or celestial objects. It is limited only by the imagination of whoever creates it.

Space art is a form of art where humans or human-made objects are involved in the creation of an artwork, which portrays the universe, space exploration, or celestial objects. It can be said to have started thousands of years ago through ancient cave paintings depicting animals with stars in the sky. However, modern-day space art has evolved into something quite amazing. There are many forms that this type of art can take – from three-dimensional sculptures to computer designs that mimic what outer space is supposed to look like according to our calculations on Earth. Whether it be fantasy based on science fiction or just plain reality based on scientific facts, space art has become so popular within society due to its ability to inspire and intrigue.

There are four main types of art: drawing, painting, sculpture, and architecture. Many artists feel that space art is a category in and of itself while many other artists believe that it’s a form of sculpture or architecture, but the debate continues. In the end, if you ask ten different people what space art is, you’ll get ten different answers depending on where their interests lie.

Levels of Space Art

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There are three levels of space art:

Level 1: This level is based on reality and is the most basic form of space art. It includes sketches and paintings of real planets, stars, and other objects that can be seen by the naked eye.

Level 2: This level is based on science fiction and includes artwork that is based on what could theoretically be seen if we had the technology to do so. This could be things like pictures of fictional planets or creatures, or spacecraft that have not yet been invented.

Level 3: This level is based on fantasy and includes artwork that is not based on reality or science fiction. It could be a picture of a dragon flying through the sky with a crescent moon and a few stars.

Space Art Styles:

There are several schools of thought on what space art is and how it should be classified, but there are three main types that most people will agree upon:

Photorealism: paintings created by an artist to make them look as realistic as possible; this means that they want to make it appear as if someone has taken a photograph of a specific scene or object.

Surrealism: pictures, sculptures, installations, and other works of art based on the world of dreams or fantasy. They have no basis in reality – everything is exaggerated so the viewer can see things from a different perspective than they normally would.

Fantasy Realism: These are pieces of art created because the artist wants to imagine what something would look like if they lived in a world where certain laws of physics or other rules did not exist.

An example of space art that is considered Photorealism is ‘Earthrise’ by Michael Benson which he made using photographs taken during the Apollo 8 mission. An example of surrealism would be an artwork depicting planets and stars in unusual colors and shapes, perhaps with some imaginary creatures present. The famous work ‘Birth Of A Star’ by Royce B. McClure could be considered fantasy realism.

An exciting feature of space art is how open it is to interpretation, there is no definite way of telling what each person is thinking when they look at it. A picture can mean different things to different people, which makes art in general such a wonderful and fascinating subject.


The sky is the limit when it comes to space art. It can be based on reality or science fiction, and there are many subcategories within each of those two types of artwork that make for some truly fascinating pieces. If you’re looking for an artist who specializes in this type of work then don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our artists will do their best to create something that suits your needs perfectly while staying true to what makes space art so unique. We hope our article has given you a better understanding of how amazing these forms of art are.

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