A Simple And Elegant Gift For Someone Special -Wooden Bracelet

Eight Planets Bead Bracelet

Wooden Bracelet by Plantwear is a jewelry piece made out of natural walnut. The brightest star of the constellation is to depict with a stone either turquoise or onyx or lapis lazuli or malachite. It has a stellar constellation of wooden medallion. The beads are held together by rubber.

A Simple And Elegant Gift For Someone Special -Wooden Bracelet
A Simple And Elegant Gift For Someone Special -Wooden Bracelet

Wooden Bracelet For Halo zodiac-

The wooden bracelets are zodiac bracelets. One can always choose according to their planet to adore the lovely bracelet on their wrist. Let’s us see the wooden bracelets based on constellations-

  1. Aries- A born leader, you are no short of Pandora’s box. Yes, the saying curiosity kills the cat is very apt for you. You are not just curious but also very active and explicit. The wooden bracelet indicated with your zodiac sign engraved and turquoise stone has especially been to design to suit your personality.
  2. Taurus- You know how to make the best of your life. Along with it, you also like to stay comfortable and relaxed. Born as a firm and emphatic person, you are stubborn about the things you support. The bracelet with your zodiac engraved consisting of onyx is available 
  3. Gemini- The bracelet is encrusted with Malachite stone to suit your brilliant yet friendly personality.
  4. Cancer- The wooden bracelet with Cancer zodiac stellar and Malachite stone indicates your sensitive and sentimental nature. You are big on imagination, which is your best trait. Also, once committed, you do like staying committed, be it a person or an object.
  5. Leo- Confident and determined you look for positives even in the worst of things. So the bracelet has been designed just like you to see the brighter side of life with the stellar engraving and turquoise stone embedded in it.

The Pending Zodiacs

A Simple And Elegant Gift For Someone Special -Wooden Bracelet
A Simple And Elegant Gift For Someone Special -Wooden Bracelet
  1. Virgo- Focussed on the goals you like to focus on every little detail along the way. The bracelet with engraved astrological zodiac and onyx stone embedded indicates your logical and practical approach towards life.
  2. Libra- The wooden bracelet with your stellar and malachite stone is as elegant as you are. Known for balance and harmony, you avoid conflicts and would somewhat evasive actions than be aggressive. You make the world a better and peaceful place to live!
  3. Scorpio- Masters of profound and high power, the scorpions never give up. Their determined and concerned attitude is what makes them masters of control and command. And that trait is what depicted in the bracelet with the scorpion stellar and malachite stone.
  4. Sagittarius- Regular and routines are so dull to you. You love to explore new things. And with the optimist filled in you, you want to be like a free bird. The bracelet for your zodiac has turquoise stone embedded in it.
  5. Capricorn- A realist and responsible person, you are consistent and highly focused on your goals. Your wooden bracelet comes with an onyx stone embedded in it.
  6. Aquarius- Your independent and liberal attitude makes you appreciate any innovative ideas you come across. The bracelet for you comes with malachite embedded to it.
  7. Pisces- You are such a sweetheart, and people can always count on you. Even though you are still in consumption in your thoughts, but your thoughts, your very own bracelet comes with malachite embedded in it.

So whatever your zodiac is or perhaps you want to gift your special one, these wooden bracelets are the perfect find for you.

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