A Short Guide To The Western Astrology Chart

The most popular system of astrology, Western Astrology, is based on Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos. It is largely horoscopic in nature, which is the forecasting of the future based on birth time and location of a person. However, it is reduced now to Sign Astrology which only considers the birth dates of individuals, which are thought to depend on the sun’s position. It is regarded as pseudoscientific and has not many experimental proofs. Western Astrology Charts are an important part of western astrology. They are used to interpret the nature of a person by finding and interpreting their zodiac sign. They help us to make future predictions and make the required changes. Nowadays, one can easily make their western astrology charts with the help of online websites and apps. 

What is the Western Astrology Chart Or Natal Chart

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Western Astrology Chart is a birth chart that includes the diagram of planetary position coordinates at the time of birth. It is also known as Natal Chart. To make this chart of an individual, exact and accurate time, location, and date of his birth must be known. It is a wheel-type chart divided into twelve sections that further contain twelve zodiac symbols and the planets. Every planet represents the person’s character and can figure out the best pathway for success and growth.

History Of Western Astrology Chart

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Western Astrology originated in Mesopotamia. It was devised around 2,000 to 3,000 years ago by Greeks and Babylonians. According to their beliefs, the sun and earth share an important relationship, and thus they used the Tropical Zodiac. It went through many stages, and in the 1980s, traditional astrology again revived.

Tips To Create A Perfect Western Astrology Chart

  • The most important part of making an Astrology Chart is the information about birth time. It must be accurate and exact.
  • The date and year of birth should also be accurate.
  • If you are calculating this chart online, be careful that the software you are using is advanced and correct.
  • The language of the chart should be understandable to you.
  • Remember to enter your email address while filling the form for the chart. This will ensure that nothing will be missed, and you can get the reports and suggestions in your email.

How To Read Your Sign

Learning how to read the Western Astrology Chart and Your Zodiac Sign is important. With this, you can know more about your insights. First, you have to locate your sign on your astrology chart. Draw a small person on the top of the longitudinal point of your birthplace. Then draw a line from that to the rim of the chart. This will show your zodiac sign. Learn the meaning of your sign and understand what can affect your sign. 


Western Astrology Charts are used to study and interpret the interaction between stars, planets, sun, and people. These are an intact part of Western Astrology.

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