A Beginner’s Guide On Reading Palms

A Beginner's Guide To Reading Palms

The guide on reading palms, you will get in this article. The other name of palm reading is chiromancy or palmistry. I t is the art of understanding a person’s character and foretelling a person’s future and the development that will take place in a person’s life. All this is done with the help of palm reading. Though, it is found in many forms around the world. Those reading the palms are called palmists, hand analysis, etc.

The shapes and the lines, the mount and bumps present on the palm will tell you about your future and the prosperity of your life. However, it is scientifically believed that the left hand dominates the right half of the brain. Whereas the right hand is controlled by the left half of the brain. It is in turn responsible for the language, logic and reason.

Some Of The Functions Of Palm Reading Are:

Palmistry is the study of physical features of the hand to understand the personality features and also to predict the future. However, palm reading is done like a traditional method. Those reading the palms observe how the attributes of the hand connect to make a great theme.

A Beginner's Guide To Reading Palms
A Beginner’s Guide On Reading Palms

Guide On Reading Palms

There are many observations regarding the palm reading. Modern readers believe that it is important to study both the hands. However, the hand which is non-dominant shows the natural personality and the character of the person. Whereas, the dominant hand reveals how these characteristics have been put into practice. By reading both the hands it shows how the person is using his abilities in his life.

The Four Elements Of The Hand:

However, there are four kinds of hand shapes which come within palmistry. Each one is connected with a different element and its traits. Although all the four elements are present in the astrology, there may be cases that your hand doesn’t correlate with your astrological profile.

Earth Hands:

Those with small fingers and square palms are identified as the earth hands. These hands are solid and fleshy. Hence, it is believed that those who have these kinds of hands are said to be practical, logical.

Guide On Reading Palms: Fire Hands

Long palm and short fingers represent fire hands. Hence, these kinds of hands have typical creases and mounds. People having this kind of fire hands are said to be confident, intense and hard working.

Air Hands:

Square palms and long fingers are the characteristics of air hands. They are often boney with projecting knuckles. However, it shows that people are intelligent and have the analysis abilities with good communication skills.

A Beginner’s Guide On Reading Palms

Guide On Reading Palms: Water Hands

Long palms along with long fingers are called water hands. These hands are soft, and are a bit moist and have a narrow appearance. However, people having these kinds of hands are in tune with their emotions.  These kinds of people are creative as they have compassion and imagination.

Palmistry is not a simple practice that has fixed answers. The more you get yourself into the study of palm reading your own intuitions will guide you in this.  Though, both the hands and the people change over time and each has the ability to guide the destiny of a person.

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