8 Top Symbols for Astrology

Symbols for Astrology

According to Vedic Astrology, nine planets of the solar system including the sun and moon directly influence the events and happenings of your life. Collectively, they form the symbols for astrology. Right from your birth, planetary influences different segments of our life and its course as a whole. Each planet represents a vibe, which we often call energy. They rule over different parts of our psyche, our desires, needs, to build us up as a person.

The Planetary Segregation Forming Symbols for Astrology

There are only seven planets (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Saturn) according to Vedic Astrology. On the other hand, Rahu and Ketu are the shadow planets. Here’s a look at the roles and significance of these nine planets in Vedic astrology.

Symbols for Astrology Define Life's Aspects
Symbols for Astrology Define Life’s Aspects

Sun (Surya)

As the prime member of the solar system, sun considered the authoritative and powerful planet of all. In the Vedas, Sun is the representation of power, position and authority. It governs your ego, self-understanding, and your willpower. Sun rules over Leo. It denotes a masculine energy, and thus the person ruled by Sun has the influence of father, husband, authority figures and other major male influences in his life.

At the same time, solar energy also represents a youthful glow, which keeps on emanating throughout a person’s life. The native is kind and giving like a king. One of the biggest aspect of a native ruled by sun is his ability to steer clear through difficulties.

Moon (Chandra)

Moon denotes emotion, and hence play a significant role in the astrological determination of feelings and senses. She is a female planet that represents feminine aspects and purposes, such as childbirth, Motherhood, homemaking, and so on. The white color of the moon represents purity, calm, and innocence of the natives.

Mars (Mangal)

Astrologers call it a planet of aggression and it is represented by the colour red. Mars is the God of war, and hence it denotes everything like obstacles, strengths, battlefield, sword, blood, and objects like weed, cocaine, and so on. But, Mars is a volatile planet and the native under its influence are most likely to fall into fall into aggression and volatility.

Stationary Mars get you in action. But if Mars is retrograde, at the time of your birth, you will be in the charge of your energy internally and can easily avoid confrontations. A disturbed Mars in the birth chart can give you problems like injuries, brain disorders, itching, blood clotting, female genital diseases, pain in the eyes, and weak bones.

Saturn( Shani)

Represented by the colors black/blue, Shani is the ruler of death. On the contrary, Shani is all about your life as well as decay, depending on his position in your birth chart. He can give the native a long and happy life if placed favourably in the horoscope. A person under the influence of Saturn ( weak or debilitating) has to work very hard to achieve something. He is likely to face a life full pf obstacles. But, Saturn is also a planet of justice. Saturn rules over a person’s legs, joint bones, muscles, skin, teeth, hair, knees.

Jupiter (Vrahaspati)

Jupiter or Vrahaspati/Guru is the ruling planet of Pisces and Sagittarius. Represented by the colour yellow, Jupiter s all about good fortune, teachers, and physical health and beauty. It also denotes spirituality, power, position, authority, and so on. A strong Jupiter is good for the native from all these aspects, while a weak Jupiter can affect the person from the similar sources.
The body parts that Jupiter rules over are liver, thighs, kidneys, brain, fat, tongue, and ears. An affected Jupiter can get you health complication.

Venus (Shukra)

Venus is all about the bright and glamorous things in life, which includes eyesight, love, party, beauty, romance, sex, and other kinds of performing arts. Mostly women are ruled by this planet and it determines the income, marriage, flowers, pearls, wife, and good clothes. A debilitating Venus in the chart can make a person suffer from the lack of beauty, physical appeal, and good manners and behaviour. They often tend to face a failed marriage.


In spite of having no physical shape, this shadow planet is one of the powerful embers of your birth chart. Mostly, it has malefic effects and it indicates procrastination, delays, and hurdles in one’s life. But, Rahu has positive impact as well. It denotes bravery, self- confidence and valour.

Shadow Planet KETU

Ketu is a shadow planet and appears merely as a point in the cosmic arrangement of your birth chart. Natives of Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Pisces experience the beneficial effects of Ketu.

Know About the Symbols for Astrology
Know About the Symbols for Astrology

The Takeaway- Symbols for Astrology

The planetary influence on the birth chart defines the course of life of a person from his birth to death. It’s important to know the planetary position in your birth chart so that you can know what kind of remedies you might need in future.

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